• Open Source:
    bitbucket github (Minor contributions to doxygen, kdevelop and boost)

    The projects fit more or less accurately into the following areas:

    Industrial Image Processing, Communication Technology, Fire Protection & Suppression, Nuclear Industry, Software Industry, Artificial Intelligence, Science (general), CAD, CAE, Avionics, Navy, Defence, Automotive, Measuring Instruments, Semiconductors, Embedded Systems

    What follows is a selection of Clients & Partners. I prefer long term contracts.
  • Endress 2020 -
    Build Systems
    Streamlining of non-trivial development pipelines for embedded systems.
    Keywords: Development Pipelines, CI, Graph Theory
    Technologies: Python, CMake (lang.), Ninja
    Tools: Visual Studio, VSCode, Wing IDE, Git, Jenkins
    OS: Windows
    Platforms: PC, ARM
  • Osram 2019
    Optical Surface Inspection
    Algorithm development and implementation for defect detection on PCB's
    Keywords: Printed Circuit Boards, Feature Detection, Pattern Matching, Machine Learning
    Technologies: Python, C++, C#
    Software: OpenCV and other Imaging libraries, PyTorch, LibTorch, dlib
    Tools: Brain™, Visual Studio, Wing IDE, Subversion, Git
    Hardware: Laser Triangulation Scanners, Cameras (DALSA, Basler, IDS)
    OS: Windows, Linux (ML models)
    Platforms: PC
  • Besi 2018
    Nanoscale Image Processing
    Algorithm development for semiconductor client
    Keywords: Computational Geometry, Morphology (math.), 3D Image Processing, PDEs, Inpainting
    Technologies: Python, C++
    Software: OpenCV and other imaging libraries, Boost, Qt, pybind11
    Tools: Brain™, Qt Creator, Wing IDE, Git, Bitbucket (comm.), Jenkins, Jira, CMake
    OS: Linux
    Platforms: PC
  • BMW 2016 - 2018
    3D Visualization Software
    Keywords: Raytracing, Photorealistic Rendering, CAD, Product & Manufacturing Information, non-trivial build and deployment environment
    Technologies: C++, Python (2 & 3), XML (XPath/Parsing/Encoding), PLMXML, JT
    Software: Qt, Boost, OpenInventor, Intel, Collage Embree Raytracer, various support libraries (file format handling and distributed rendering for the most part)
    Tools: Visual Studio, Intel C++ Compiler, Subversion, Git, CMake, GCC (mingw) chain, NSIS, Bitbucket (comm.), Jenkins
    OS: Windows, Linux (minor)
    Platforms: PC
  • 2015
    Laser Scanning Software
    Addressing various aspects of point-cloud processing. Design & implementation of several native OpenGL data viewers, embedded in a Qt application. Data model for the visualization of large (exceeding main memory) sets of 3D points. GLSL shader programming.
    Keywords: Sparse Voxel Octrees (SVO), Morton Code, Out-of-Core Processing (OoC)
    Technologies: C++, Qt, OpenGL, GLSL, Python
    Domain API's: OGRE, OpenSceneGraph, OpenCV, glm
    Tools: Visual Studio, Qt Creator, NVIDIA Nsight, Git, CMake, Jira/Redmine
    OS: Windows
    Hardware: PC
  • -- Kiel --
    Naval Communication System
    Scripting assistance for significant existing C++/Qt application. Includes scripting of the C++/Qt components themselves, adding script debugging support, a class browser with versatile filter capabilities for identifying 'script-worthy' entities buried deeper in code, and finally some GUI programming based on Qt.
    Technologies: C++, Qt, QML, Python
    Tools: Eclipse, Qt Creator, Visual Studio, Jira, SVN, Git, CMake, qmake
    OS: Windows**, (Linux)
    Hardware: PC
  • -- Koblenz --
    2013 - 2014
    3D Small Arm Trainer
    Implementing Video Capturing & Serialization, Data Encryption, Object Recognition and more (conf.)
    Technologies: C++ (finally, some real demand for C++11 here - std::thread, lambdas, move semantics), C#, Lua, DirectX 11
    Domain API's: CryEngine (comm. license, non-trivial own modifications of  the engines source code - that means maneuvering inside ~4.5 MLOC), Boost, Crypto++, ffmpeg, OpenCV
    Tools: Visual Studio 2012/2013, TFS, git, CMake, clang
    OS: Windows**
    Hardware: Company product range, PC
  • 2010 - 2013
    WPF Thermal Video Module
    Touching some interesting areas of Infrared Image Processing using native and managed Windows programming; Video acquisition/serialization; Hot-/Cold-Spot detection; Camera hardware control and more
    Technologies: C++, C#, WPF, DirectX (Direct3D), .NET Interop (C++/CLI), Multithreading (non-trivial managed/unmanaged/OpenMP conglomerate), COM  (Shell Extensions, WIC), OpenGL
    Domain API's: ffmpeg, OpenCV, Boost
    Tools: Visual Studio 2010, Git, SVN/Subversion, GNU toolchain (mingw), VMware, Understand (SciTools), Sparx Enterprise Architect, CMake, NUnit, Google C++ Testing Framework
    OS: Windows**
    Hardware: Thermal Imaging Cameras, PC
  • 2010
    3D Visualization of Piping Systems
    Technologies: DirectX (Direct3D), COM, ATL, C++, C#, XML Schema (XSD), COM/.NET Interop
    Tools: Visual Studio 2008, Understand (SciTools), Git, Sparx Enterprise Architect, NetBeans, VMware
    OS: Windows**
  • 2007 - 2009
    Helicopter Navigation System
    Notable accomplishments:
    Porting mid-sized (at that time) application (~100 kLOC) from Linux to Windows (preserving common code base)
    Integration of Jeppesen avionics databases + visualization (custom-built OpenGL backend)
    Implementation / Design (C++ / OpenGL / GLSL):
       - Visualization and behavior of advanced military airspace ensembles;
       - Hardware-accelerated real-time intervisibility algorithms
    Introducing qmake-based build system
    Technologies: C++, OpenGL, GPU programming (Cg,  GLSL), x86 Assembler (SIMD)
    Tools: Visual Studio 2005/2008, Sparx Enterprise Architect, StarTeam, VMware,  GNU toolchain
    OS: Windows**, Linux
    Hardware: Company product range, PC
    Role: Senior Developer
  • 2005 - 2008
    QA & Design System for Nuclear Fuel Assemblies
    Complete conception, design and implementation
    Technologies: C++, Python, XML, Fortran, UML,  Qt,  PyQt,  SQL, HDF5, Basic Grid Computing  (torque),  
    Virtualization (VMware - mimicking cluster environment for distributed components)
    Tools: Visual Studio, Sparx Enterprise Architect, ClearCase, Subversion
    OS: Windows**, HP-UX, Linux
    Hardware: Opteron Cluster, PC
  • 2004 - 2005
    Proprietary CAD Application
    Training (C++, Qt) of customer employees; Software and algorithmic design; Implementation of 3D routines and core algorithms; Technical planning and coordination
    Technologies: C++, OpenGL, Qt, Python, SQL
    Tools: Visual C++/.NET, Subversion, ArchiCAD
    OS: Windows**
  • On behalf of Trolltech (defunct.)
    2004 - 2005
    Qt's PDF Paintengine Backend
    Design and implementation
  • 2001 - 2003
    Remote Control of Radio Receiver Network
    Spectrum Monitoring Software; The task involved GUI programming (Qt), Multithreading and Network Programming for distributed applications in heterogeneous environments (mixed TCP/IP / IEC-BUS networks); Driver software with high degree of hardware programming.
    Technologies: C++, TCP/IP, IEC-BUS, XML, UML, Boost
    Tools: Visual C++, Qt, ClearCase, Rational Rose, Visio
    OS: Windows**
    Role: Senior Developer
  • 2001
    Graph-based Support Library
    Design and development of a helper library for a X-ray fluorescence software.
    Technologies: C++
    Tools: Borland C++, Visual C++
    OS: Windows**
  • 1999 - 2000
    Automatic Image Segmentation
    Included nontrivial topics: medieval fonts and mathematical formulas, neural net based OCR. From a programmers point of view: C++ with heavily used template based techniques
    Technologies: C++, Qt, gtk
    Tools: CVS, Insure++, Visual C++, khoros, gimp, sniff, kdevelop
    OS: Linux, Windows**
    Role: Project Lead and Senior Development (Conception, Design and Implementation)
  • Company defunct. 1998 - 1999
    Evaluation of Aerial Images
    Wavelet compression, Handling of large data sets, Superresolution algorithms
    Technologies: C++, Qt, gtk
    Tools: CVS, Insure++, Visual C++, khoros, gimp, sniff
    OS: IRIX, Linux, Windows**
    Role: Project Lead and Senior Development
  • 1997 - 1998
    Ceramical Surface Error Detection
    The project covered the entire cycle involving image acquisition (linescan cameras) up to the implementation of non-classic (neural network) and classic image processing algorithms on PC/PIC based hardware platforms
    Technologies: C++, Qt, gtk
    Tools: Visual C++, khoros, gimp, sniff
    OS: Unix, Linux, Windows**
    Role: Technical Lead and Senior Developer